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Cork Pullers

As an alternative to the five types of traditional corkscrews, there are devices called "cork pullers." The two most popular cork pullers for opening wine bottles are:

  • Prong pullers have metal shears that pass along either side of the cork and between the cork and the inside of the neck of the bottle; ridges slide past the cork on insertion but then grip it when pulled back out. Prong pullers require the same brute force as simple corkscrews to open a bottle but can be the safest choice in pulling very old, crumbling corks that might disintegrate if pierced by a worm.
  • Gas injection pullers use a cartridge of carbon dioxide injected through a needle plunged into the cork to create an imbalance of pressure inside the

    bottle that pushes the cork up and out. Like prong pullers, they may remove weak corks by gentle persuasion rather than direct force, but they run the risk of bursting bottles that are very old or weakened by damage.

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