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Home Delivery of Groceries

If you would like to select your groceries from home, at a time that is convenient for you, and have them delivered to your home instead of having to find time to drive to the store, spend your time shopping, and perhaps deal with the kids -- then online ordering of home-delivered groceries is what you need.

When ordering on-line consider businesses that offer:

  • easy selecting and ordering
    • lets you review your previous orders and add or delete items for this order
    • web site arranged so that you can browse by category of food much like walking up and down the aisles at the store
    • photos of the food with nutritional information so you can confirm that an item is what you want
    • allows you to comment or give directions on selecting foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits so you get the quality and ripeness you want
  • the ability to select what time you would like the groceries delivered
  • more than just food so you can also get pet supplies, drugstore items, etc., that might otherwise still require a trip to the store
  • savings
    • prices at or below your local supermarket
    • weekly specials and accepts coupons to lower costs
    • special incentives for first time buyers and regular customers

If you find that even with this convenience, you don't have the time to prepare that special meal for a birthday, anniversary, or other important date, consider ordering a prepared meal from a prepared meal delivery service so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

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