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Meal Deliveries

If you find yourself short of time, tired of preparing meals, eating out, or are following a diet plan, consider on-line ordering of prepared dinners delivered to your home. Offering complete meals with good nutritional value, dinner delivery services can provide you with occasional or weekly dinners fitted to your tastes and dietary needs.

Some things to look for when ordering meals are:

  • Delivery from a local service if you want freshly cooked meals
  • If you order ready-to-cook meals, a choice of traditional cooking or quick cooking methods
  • Ability to order in larger quantities for a party or when you have guests
  • The option of changing the number of meals ordered each week to accommodate your schedule and lifestyle
  • A food questionnaire so you can add or eliminate foods as you desire
  • On-line confirmation of the order and shipping date so you know when to expect delivery
  • The option of ordering meals that are diabetic, gourmet, kosher or that follows the diet requirements for plans such as Adkins or South Beach
  • Lunch selections and delivery so you don't have to fight the lunch crowd during the workweek
  • Gift certificates you can send to others to select meals for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions

Lastly, if you enjoy gourmet meals and don't mind preparing them, consider ordering a ready to cook meal with all the ingredients measured and ready for cooking.

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