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Hiring a Personal Chef

If you are a busy professional with no time to cook, and you are tired of dining out and endless take out meals, it may be wise to hire a personal chef. A personal chef can be a lot less than you imagine, and these trained individuals can make sure that the food you eat is prepared to your own standards.

A personal chef may have a list of foods that he or she will cook for you, much like a caterer. If that is to your liking, you may want to looking into a traditional meal delivery service. But if you are looking for a personalized menu, prepared just for you, and perhaps prepared in your home, then a personal chef is a more appropiate choice.

There are a number of different arrangements that you can make with your personal chef for food preparation, including the following:

  • Your chef delivers a set number of meals in the quantity you order at a regular interval. This can be daily, every few days, or weekly. The food will need to be refrigerated or frozen until you want to eat it. This is usually the most economical arrangement, but it does mean that you will have to heat the food and do any dishes, so it does take some time on your part.
  • The more expensive method is to have the chef come to your home to prepare your individual meals. The chef will do the grocery shopping for you and also usually take care of serving the meals and cleaning up the kitchen. These chefs may insist on specific mealtimes, so that they can work a set number of hours per week. As a result, this arrangement may not be the best choice for busy people with irregular schedules.
  • An option in between is for the chef to come by periodically and prepare a number of meals at once in your kitchen.

The end result can be a "home cooked meal" prepared without the muss and fuss, which makes hiring a personal chef a good alternative for those who need to adhere to a strict diet for either weight or health care reasons and for the elderly.

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