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Steaks are the most popular way to eat beef. They can be sautéed in a frying pan or broiled in the oven, although the best way to cook them is on the grill. Premium cuts come from the best naturally aged beef. They are available from the butcher, but steaks are also easy to purchase online or through a catalog. Packages of steaks make wonderful gifts.

The following are the most commonly found types of steaks:

  • Filet mignons are cut from the heart of the beef tenderloin. They are compact, round steaks that weigh between 4 and 10 oz. They have a mild flavor. Filets can be served alone but are often accompanied by a sauce.
  • Sirloin steaks are carved from the beef sirloin and usually weigh between 4 and 8 oz. They are tender and lean with a robust flavor and texture.
  • Boneless strip sirloins come from the heart of the beef loin. They are well marbled and usually weigh up to 14 oz. This steak stays juicy when grilled or broiled.
  • Rib eye steaks are cut from the center of a prime rib roast, giving them a rich flavor. They usually weigh up to 10 oz.
  • Porterhouse steaks are usually the largest steaks because they include both the sirloin strip and the filet mignon cuts. The bone is left in. These delicious steaks can weigh up to 30 oz.
  • T bone steaks are slightly smaller than the Porterhouse cut because they have a smaller filet. They also include the bone and can weigh up to 22 oz.

Gift packages of steaks can be ordered to include a mix of the above cuts.

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