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Home Brewing Supplies

If you pursue home brewing as a hobby, your major challenge is finding a place to purchase supplies, including both equipment and the ingredients for a batch of beer. Since peaking in the mid 1990s, the number of home brewing shops has steadily declined. Home brewing became something of a fad in those years, and new shops opened to meet an increased demand that proved to be transitory. Without a sufficient base of customers to sustain them, many of these shops closed.

So, even in the most populous states, purveyors of home brewing supplies are spread rather thinly. Thus, unless you don't mind driving for hours to get what you need, ordering via the web or over the phone is a necessity.

If your order includes yeast, it is crucial to determine that it will arrive at your home healthy. There is no greater frustration in home brewing than to go through all the steps of brewing flawlessly, then add yeast to the batch your fermenting vessel…and nothing happens, or fermentation shuts down prematurely.

Before buying research how the seller handles these important points:

  • Whether you buy dried yeast or liquid yeast, make sure that you will get it well in advance of its expiration date. Unless you are a seasoned brewer who knows how to revive old yeast from experience, be firm in this regard.
  • Yeast must be kept refrigerated until used, so it must be packaged to stay cold in transit. Determine how the seller intends to do this as well as what recourse you have if the yeast arrives and proves to be non-viable.

  • In response to the anthrax crisis of 2001 and continuing fears of bioterrorism, X-rays and other technologies are being deployed to kill microbes sent through the mail. Ascertain this from the seller how your order will bypass these processes and inspectors.

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