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Wine Accessories

As you grow from enjoying an occasional glass of wine to building a wine collection, you'll want to surround your cherished bottles of wine with the tools of the serious wine collector. Collecting extends from buying storing wines through to presenting, enjoying, and preserving the memory.

Wine Storing

As your interest in wine grows, so will your collection of wine on hand. To organize and protect your wine collection, you will need a cool, dark place, free of vibration with stable temperature (see wine storage) and:

  • wine racks - to provide easy access to individual bottles
  • bottle tags- to identify bottles without disturbing them
  • a thermometer and humidity gauge - to monitor the storage conditions
  • a log - to record purchases, inventory, and tasting notes

Wine Presentation

When it's time to serve, you will want to have:

To finish the evening, jot down the highlights of the bottles you served as a guide to future purchases for your wine collection.

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