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Wine Clubs

Wine clubs enable the novice and the wine connoisseur to learn about wines by tasting wines from small production vineyards that otherwise be unavailable outside of the vineyard's local area.

Before joining a wine club, consider these points to help you select a wine club best for you:

  • Type of Club - clubs can be geared toward being a social organization that brings people together for wine tasting, wine tours, and other wine-related events; or, clubs can follow the "book of the month" club model and monthly ship small sampler packs of selected wines for you to enjoy at your convenience.
  • Area of interest - clubs tend to specialize in regions (for example, California) and other factors (such as kosher).
  • Cost - some clubs make it a point to offer the wines at a discount; others are instead providing a valued service by providing access to unique wines
  • Fit - some wine clubs ship preselected offerings to all members; other wine clubs allow you to tailor each delivery to your tastes or interests.

By joining a wine club, you can expand your knowledge of wines, make new friends, and experience new tastes.

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