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Gifts for Wine Lovers

It's fine to bring a bottle of wine to dinner, but what do you give your wine loving friends for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions? Try choosing a memorable gift that complements their interests and enhances their future wine drinking experiences such as:

  • Everyday accessories - there's more to enjoying wine than just having the bottles. Every wine lover can use another corkscrew (there are different types of corkscrews for different occasions and finding a corkscrew you can take on an airplane trip is particularly difficult). Durable acrylic wine glasses are great for romantic picnics in the park, tailgates, and sipping on the yacht. Bottle insulators are also great for the wine lover on the go.
  • Gift certificates - much about wines is a matter of taste. Why agonize over what your friend might like when it's perfectly acceptable to give a gift certificate. For gifts in a hurry, many online merchants can email the certificate nearly instantly.
  • Wine publications - because of the ever changing variety of wines and vintages, there are a number of magazines, newsletters, and handheld guides that even the most knowledgeable wine enthusiast will treasure.

For that special friend, consider a membership in a wine club or sending them on a wine tour of California, Europe, or other premium wine making regions.

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