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Wine Racks

A reasonably large wine collection cannot be just dumped in boxes in the basement. Wine racks provide safer bottle storage, easier access to the bottles, and make your collection look good. Here are some tips when buying wine racks:

  • size - wine racks vary in size from six to eight bottle kitchen countertop racks up to standing racks that hold about 150 bottles. Pick the size that matches both the size of your collection and available storage space.
  • modularity - for newer collectors, modular designs can more easily grow with you collection.
  • material - wine racks are usually made from either wood or steel. Wooden racks can be made from unfinished pine (least expensive) up to redwood (mold resistant). Steel racks can be chromed, stainless, or coated, with the coated ones providing the most protection for the bottles and their labels.
  • configuration - racks can be designed to hold the bottles in the original shipping

    case for bulk storage (for example, when aging wines), other racks have diamond shaped bins for 12 bottles stacked on themselves (great when you have lots of the same wine), and still others are designed to hold bottles individually (great for pulling one bottle at a time).

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Space-Saving Wine Rack - 9 bottles
Space-Saving Rack - 9 bottles
Napa Valley 18 Bottle Wine Cage
Napa Valley 18 Bottle Wine Cage

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