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Garden Benches

No garden is complete without some furniture, and benches have been a favorite for hundreds of years. They provide not only a place to sit but can often also serve as a dramatic focal point that draws the eye toward a part of the landscape the gardener wishes to highlight. Benches come in all sizes and are made from materials such as wood, metal, fiberglass and plastic. Designs range from very formal to extremely rustic.

The following should be considered when buying a bench:

  • Select a color and size appropriate for the site.
  • Consider the portability of the bench if you wish to move it around the garden or store it for the winter. Some benches are designed with wheels.
  • Consider the durability of the material the bench is made from and what kind of care it needs. Will it need painting every few years?
  • If important to you, consider whether other matching or compatible furniture is available.

Be sure to consider the style of your garden. For example, a rustic bench made from split logs that looks terrific in a natural style garden may not suit a very formal one.

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