Gardening Guide Boxwoods
Boxwoods are evergreens shrubs with green glossy leaves. They are grown for their foliage and forms, which can be easily shaped. Planted as single specimens, in groups, or as hedges, they are invaluable for adding structure to the garden. Once established, they can live for more than a hundred years. They have no serious pest or disease problems and can tolerate moderate drought. Boxwoods have a distinctive subtle fragrance.

The following should be considered when buying boxwoods:
  • Make sure the variety will survive the winters and summers where you live.
  • Select a variety whose height and spread fits the site to be planted.
  • Determine whether you want a ball or upright shape. Boxwoods also make great plants for topiary.
Plant boxwoods in sun or light shade in well drained soil to which some organic material such as decomposed leaves or peat moss has been added. Water well the first season. Boxwoods can be clipped to make very formal shapes or lightly pruned for a more natural look.

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