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Cacti and Succulents

Cacti and succulents are plants which have the natural ability to store water in their bodies and roots. Long associated with dessert climates, they are characterized by their lack of leaves. They are a perfect choice for houseplants, as they can often survive for weeks with no watering and don't mind the lack of humidity usually found indoors. Cacti and succulents come in a wide variety of sizes and intriguing shapes. They have very few problems with pests and diseases.

The following should be considered when buying cacti and succulents:

  • Make sure the base of the plant at the soil line is not soft or discolored.
  • Avoid plants with new growth that is thin and pale in color.
  • The plant should have healthy, vigorous roots.
  • Make sure you know what the plant's growing conditions are. Although most prefer hot, dry conditions, there are some that are native to moist tropical areas.
  • Make sure the variety can survive the winters where you live if you intend to grow it outside. Houseplant cacti and succulents can be placed outside in the summer but will suffer if they receive too much rainfall.

Grow cacti and succulents in a sunny, south facing window indoors and a sunny, dry location outdoors. These are very slow growing plants.

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