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Firepits and Chimineas

Firepits and chimineas are an inexpensive way to extend the seasonal use of outdoor dining and seating areas without installing a more permanent outdoor fireplace. Firepits are low dish shaped metal containers in which to burn wooden logs. Chimineas have a pot belly shape with a long neck which directs the smoke upward. Traditionally, chimineas were made from clay but newer models are metal.

The following should be considered when buying these outdoor sources of heat:

  • Check the height. Those less than 30 inches tall should not be used on flammable surfaces such as wood decks.
  • Stability of the unit is extremely important.
  • Consider the weight of the unit if it is to be moved or stored.
  • Ashes should be easy to remove.
  • Consider a grill or shelf for outdoor cooking.

Be sure to store clay chimineas in a protected place in severe winters; metal versions can be left outside. Make sure all units are placed away from anything flammable, including tree branches.

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