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Garden Carts & Wheelbarrows

Many garden tasks require moving materials that are too heavy or inconvenient to carry. For these you will need a garden cart or wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows have sloped trays mounted on a frame with one or two wheels in the front. They are easy to push and maneuver; loads can be dumped by tilting them forward. Carts have straight sides and two or more large wheels. They need to be pulled but are more stable and can carry larger loads than wheelbarrows. Both should be made from heavy duty rust resistant metals such as powder coated steel, aluminum or heavy gauge plastic. Carts and wheelbarrows can be purchased in garden centers, home improvement stores, or from online sites.

The following should be considered when buying a cart or wheelbarrow:

  • Wheelbarrows are made in a variety of sizes depending on what they will be used for.
    • The average homeowner who wants to haul dirt and plants will want at least a four cubic foot wheelbarrow with 16 inch, two ply tires and sturdy handles made from wood, metal or plastic.
    • Moving heavier construction materials such as bricks, gravel, or concrete will require a larger wheelbarrow with four ply tires.
    • Light weight wheelbarrows with folding heavy duty fabric trays can be handy for moving leaves or firewood.
    Wheelbarrows can be hung on the wall of a storage shed or garage when not in use.
  • Garden carts work best when they are pulled over relatively smooth terrain. They are made with two, three, or four wheels. Those with four wheels are the most stable.
  • If you will be moving heavy loads up and down hilly areas, consider buying a motorized cart. Small carts can be powered by electric motors with rechargeable batteries; larger carts come with gasoline engines. Some carts come with fold down handles for tighter storage.

When selecting either a wheelbarrow or a garden cart, remember that foam filed and solid tires are better than pneumatic tires since they cannot go flat.

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