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Garden Hose Reels

Garden hose reels make it possible to roll up the garden hose for storage when it is not being used. These reels can be attached to the wall of the house, garage, shed or fence; they can be contained in plastic boxes; reels also come as convenient wheeled carts that can be moved around the garden. Garden hose reels are usually made of tough, durable plastic that will not rust and can be left out in all types of weather.

The following should be considered when buying a garden hose reel:

  • Reels that attach to the side of a structure will allow you to pull the hose either parallel or perpendicular to the wall. Those that pull perpendicular stand out farther from the wall and so are not as compact, but they can be easier for some people to use. Look for models that are easy to mount securely. Better quality reels allow for quick removal for portability and winter storage. Look for sturdy handles that can turn the wheel easily.
  • Make sure the reel can accommodate the full length of the hoses you wish to store.
  • If you do not want to attach a reel to a wall, consider storing the hose in a box. These hose boxes are made of high impact plastic that can sit outside all year long. They come in various sizes, depending on the length of the hoses you want to store. Because they sit close to the ground, turning the handle that retracts the hose requires bending over into a position some people may find uncomfortable. Better model boxes have interior guides that prevent the hoses from bunching at one end of the storage bar.
  • Wheeled carts allow the gardener to store hoses in the garage or shed when not in use and are very convenient for larger properties. Look for carts that are stable enough not to tip over and that have wheels designed to make it easy to pull the cart over different types of terrain. Make sure the handle for winding the hose is at a comfortable height. The cart should be made of durable material that is light enough for you to pull when fully wound with the hoses.

Newer, more expensive models of garden hose reels are powered by small, highly efficient water-piston engines that eliminate the need to manually rewind hoses. They are easy and safe to operate, and they automatically empty any water left in the hose, so there is no danger of damage to the hose from freezing water or mildew.

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