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Garden Tillers

Garden tillers are an essential tool for preparing the ground for planting or for putting in a new lawn. They break up the ground and also are used to work in organic materials (such as leaf mold or compost) to insure a healthier, more productive soil.

Tillers operate with gas engines. They come in a range of prices and sizes, depending on how large an area needs to be worked and how rugged the terrain is. All tillers should be easy to start and have easily located controls for convenience and safety. They should operate as quietly as possible and have low emission levels.

The following should be considered when buying garden tillers:

  • Front tine tillers are the least expensive and the most lightweight. They are also the easiest to operate and maneuver. They are suitable for smaller projects and can be easily transported. Look for features such as collapsible handles for compact storage.
  • Mid tine tillers are for heavier work. They have more powerful engines, weigh more, and take up more storage space. They may be more difficult for some people to maneuver, but they can handle larger, more difficult jobs, especially breaking new ground.
  • Rear tine tillers have the most powerful engines and are the most durable and strong. They are suitable for the heaviest, most rugged terrain, and they are the most expensive. The average person may find them too big and powerful for routine gardening.

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