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Hand Pruners

A good pair of hand pruners is the gardener's best friend. These vital tools are used for keeping the garden in shape by cutting off dead flower heads and snipping off unwanted leaves, stems, and branches. It is important when buying pruners to look for models that reduce the friction that can cause blisters and the stress that can cause injuries such as carpal tunnel and tendonitis. There are many companies that make good quality pruners. They can be purchased at garden centers and through catalogs or ordered from online sites, as they are easy and inexpensive to ship. Look for the following when buying pruners:

  • Pruners should have high quality steel cutting blades that are easy to clean and sharpen. A 30 degree cutting head angle allows for easy and comfortable precision cutting. The handle springs should be flexible and sturdy.
  • Make sure the pruners properly fit your hand size. Using pruners that are too small or big can cause stress, muscle fatigue, or pain. Handles shaped to fit the curve of the palm are the most comfortable.
  • Gardeners who do lots of pruning for extended periods should look for models with soft grip handles that reduce pressure when squeezing. Non-slip and larger rotating handles are other good features.
  • Make sure you are buying the right pruners for the job you want to do. You will need heavier duty pruners for clipping woody branches than for snipping small green stems.

If you are left handed, remember to buy left handed pruners.

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