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Herbs are plants that are grown for their culinary, aromatic, or medicinal qualities.
Often grown in the garden, they make sensational container plants. Some can be grown indoors in a sunny window or under lights. Some herbs produce flowers; others have beautiful foliage in many shades of green, gold, silver, bronze, purple and various variegations. They are free of most pests and insects.

The following should be considered when buying herbs:

  • The plant should have healthy looking leaves and vigorous roots.
  • Know how much light to give the kind of herb you have. Darker leaved types can do with a little less sun, but only the mints do well in partial shade.
  • Make sure herbs are planted in well drained soil. Most gray leaved types prefer dry conditions and poor soils. They do not want to be fertilized. Greener varieties like to have some organic material such as decomposed leaves or peat moss added to the soil.
  • Some herbs are perennial and will come back year after year. Others are annuals and will not survive a frost.

Position herbs near the house so that you can easily use them for cooking. They are also great for aroma therapy.

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