Gardening Guide Ornamental Grasses
These increasingly popular low-maintenance and pest free plants are beautiful and dramatic in the landscape. Their strong vertical presence adds motion and sound as they sway in the breeze. Most offer extended seasonal interest, as their dried plumes can be left standing in the winter to catch the light. Ornamental grasses come in many sizes and colors of blue, gold, red and tan. The variegated varieties make wonderful accents. They are spectacular when included in containers plantings.

The following should be considered when buying ornamental grasses:
  • Make sure the variety will survive the winters and summers where you live.
  • Select the color and height for the site to be planted
  • Determine the drought tolerance of the variety. Most like dry conditions, but some thrive in moist soils.
Plant ornamental grasses in full sun or bright shade in average soil. Dig a hole that can easily accommodate the root ball. Most types should be cut back in the spring.

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