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Propane Mosquito Traps

Nothing interferes more with enjoying your patio, yard, or pool than the presence of annoying mosquitoes, which can carry such dangerous diseases as West Nile virus. Propane mosquito traps can help eliminate these pests without the use of harsh chemicals or sprays or the annoying buzz of electronic traps. Propane traps work by emitting colorless, odorless plumes of carbon dioxide that mosquitoes are attracted to. They are drawn toward the trapís range and vacuumed into it. By capturing the egg laying females, the trap disrupts the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes, and within four to six weeks, the mosquito problem is eliminated. Propane traps can be purchased at garden centers and home improvement stores and from online sites.

The following should be considered when buying a propane mosquito trap:

  • Coverage area - propane mosquito traps work by converting propane to carbon dioxide. The bigger the unit, the larger the area they can protect. Smaller units will usually work in yards up to one acre. Larger units can handle up to one and one half acres.
  • Power - the least expensive units use an electric cord that needs to be plugged into an outlet near the house. More expensive units are also battery operated, so they can be moved farther out into the property without an extension cord. A unit equipped with solar panels may never need to be plugged in.
  • Timers - a time or light sensitive control to automatically active the unit when mosquitoes are most active, usually a half hour before dusk to a half hour before dawn.
  • Indicators - flashing or audible signals

    that alert you when the propane tank needs refilling are very convenient.

If you choose a model without an automatic control, you can always add your own timer or photo switch or wire it into an existing outdoor lighting system.

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