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Growing plants from seeds allows the gardener to not only inexpensively produce many plants, but it also allows the gardener to grow many varieties of plants not locally available by ordering from specialty catalogs. Seeds can be started indoors weeks before the outdoor growing season begins.

Seed starting kits make growing plants from seeds easy by providing everything the grower needs for success. Most kits include sterile containers for growing, trays for proper watering from the bottom, and clear plastic tops for the right humidity conditions. Starter kits are usually available where seeds are sold: at gardening centers, through catalogs, and online.

Consider the following when buying seed starting kits:
  • Order your kit early enough to start your seeds at the proper time. Depending on your seeds, count back the number of weeks before the date of the last average frost in your area.
  • Consider your light source. If you want to use a sunny window, make sure you can fit the seed container on the sill. Larger containers can be used under fluorescent lights suspended a few inches above the seedlings. The lights should be gradually raised as the seedlings grow.
  • Check to see if your kit includes a sterile medium, such as soilless mix or peat, for growing the plants.
  • A good kit can be used more than once. You should be able to wash the containers, bottom trays, and tops in a weak solution of bleach to kill any harmful fungi or microbes left over from the previous seedlings.
Some seeds germinate best with a little warmth. Consider purchasing a special heating pad that provides controlled bottom heat when you buy your starter kit.

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