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Japanese Maples

Japanese maples are grown for their glorious colors of red, green, and gold and their spectacular cut leaf foliage. They are usually grown as single specimens, as they make stunning accents in even very small gardens. There are some red leaf varieties that maintain that color all season and can be grown in some shade. Japanese maples add year round interest to the garden. Their bark and intriguing forms stand out in the winter. Japanese maples can be a beautiful lifetime investment.

The following should be considered when buying Japanese maples:

  • Make sure the variety will survive the winters and summers where you live.
  • Select the color or variegation.
  • Make sure the plant will fit the site to be planted. Check the mature height and spread.
  • Make sure the site to be planted is not too dry.

Plant Japanese maples in sun or partial shade in well drained moist soil to which some organic material such as decomposed leaves or peat moss has been added. Dig a hole which is ample for the size of the root ball.

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