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Garden Trellises

Trellises are invaluable for adding beauty and privacy to your garden. They give the gardener bonus space on which to grow climbing roses and vines. Small gardens especially benefit from trellises, as spectacular effects can be achieved in even tiny places. Attractive latticework can serve as a focal point, providing pleasure from both inside and outside and in all seasons. Trellises can also be used to hide views that are undesirable. Most are made from wood, metal, fiberglass or plastic. Designs range from very formal to extremely rustic.

The following should be considered when buying trellises:

  • Measure the height and width of the area you want the trellis to cover.
  • Make sure the material you choose can withstand the weather where you live. Trellises should be able to remain in place for years.
  • Make sure the trellis can be securely installed.
  • Make sure the trellis is sturdy enough to support the type of plant you plan to train on it when the plant is mature. Fully grown woody plants can be quite heavy.

Remember to select a color and design to suit your garden. A rustic trellis that looks terrific in a natural style garden may not look good in a very formal one.

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