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Water Garden Lights

A large variety of lights are available for both exterior and underwater use in a water garden. An exterior light can spotlight your water feature at night, adding interest and drama to your garden. Underwater lights also allow you to emphasize certain plants or view fish in the dark. These lights are generally low voltage and use transformers.

Consider the following when purchasing water garden lighting:

  • All electrical cables should be carefully placed so that they do not pose a safety hazard. They should be securely hidden and positioned so they will not be damaged by equipment used in routine garden maintenance. Cables should be weather resistant and capable of handling the required amperage.
  • Look for exterior lights that rotate up to 180 degrees so you can highlight different areas of your water feature. It should be easy to secure the light to the ground with a spike attached to the bracket of the light.
  • Underwater lights should be placed so that the lenses do not get covered with dirt or debris. Make sure you can reach the lights for periodic cleaning. Since water diffuses light, place the lenses close to the top of the water. Be careful not to damage liners when you are installing these lights.
  • It is handy to have a set up that allows you to remotely control the lighting from indoors.
  • Make sure all parts of the lighting units are suitable for the weather extremes in your area.

Finally, remember to buy spare bulbs when you purchase your lights.

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