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Water Garden Pumps

Pumps provide water gardens with the splash and sparkle of moving water. They can also block out undesirable background noises. Small waterfalls and streams provide dramatic focal points that draw the eye toward a part of the landscape the gardener wishes to highlight. Installing a pump is not hard.

The following should be considered when buying a pump for a water garden:

  • Determine whether a submersible or external pump is needed.
  • Consider how many gallons of water the pump can move per hour. A pump that can handle at least half the total volume of water in an hour is best. A water garden with a waterfall or stream will need a more powerful pump.
  • Check the energy efficiency of the pump. Magnetic driven pumps use less electricity than direct driven types.
  • The electrical cord should be long enough to run 6 feet away from the water to the outlet.
  • If you need a filter, check to see if the pump comes with a prefilter.

If you are not sure, buy a more powerful pump. You can always restrict the flow of water with a valve.

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