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Water Gardens

The sight and sound of water have a calming and soothing influence that has captivated mankind since before we began our gardening efforts. Adding water to a decorative garden -- in the form of either a simple water feature or an entire water garden -- multiplies a garden's sensory pleasure: the play of light on water can be enchanting, the spray of a water fountain can cool the air, and the pleasing splashes of even a small waterfall can mask undesirable noise. Add a pool for fish and you have added fascinating and undemanding pets to the mix.

Water features in a garden can be as simple as a small container filled with water for birds to drink or as elaborate as a large pond. Modern technology makes it easy to add water features to your garden and provides so many ways of doing it that there is no limit to what your imagination can achieve -- regardless of the size of your garden.

Use the advice in our water garden articles listed below to help you plan and build your own uniquely beautiful water feature that will give you unending years of pleasure.

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