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Ideal for file backup or taking it on the road, these feather-light, thumb-sized devices are the latest in portable data storage. Most models can attach to your key ring, and pack from 64 MB to 2 GB (or more) of data. Toss out those piles of diskettes. Worry no more about finding the right peripheral.

Flash drives plug directly into a USB port to become your D: or E: drive. Read/write speed is similar to the C: drive. They work with both Windows and Apple PCs. There's no driver setup, except with Windows 98.
USB Flash Drive
Shopping Tips
Each manufacturer has its own name for these products, such as: Jump Drive, Thumb Drive, Quick Drive, USB Drive, Travel Drive, or Micro Vault. Prices start at around $20 for 1 GB. You'll pay slightly more for drives that operate at higher speed in USB 2.0 ports or that offer security features like password protection. Some drives are geared for e-mail applications.

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