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General Info If you are looking for a vacation out of the ordinary and can pedal a bicycle, then consider a bicycle tour. Tours are offered in a variety of difficulties and comforts. Here are some suggestions:
  • location - choose a location appropriate to the time of year. Many bicycle tours run during the fall when the weather is cooler and the foliage colorful, but stay clear of the far north as the temperature drops. For more information, see the locations on the left or the ads on the right.
  • route - pick a route appropriate for your skills. Beginners should take short, level routes that follow off-road, paved paths. More experienced riders can tackle hilly terrain, longer routes, dirt and gravel, and traffic. If travelling with others, see if the routes offer optional paths so that the more experienced riders can split off from the pack.
  • length - keep your trip to one to three days if it is your first trip. Once you've experienced a bicycle tour, then look into the longer trips.
  • accommodations - find out where you will stay over night. Some trips book luxury hotels, others tend toward picturesque bed and breakfasts. The truly hardy pitch a tent.
  • guides - while some tours simply offer written directions, an experienced tour guide that rides with the pack is a plus. Not only can they keep you on track, but they can point out interesting sites and diversions along the way
  • support vehicle - the better trips have a van or other vehicle to carry luggage, food and drinks for breaks, emergency repair gear, and tired riders. The support vehicle usually trails the group and occasionally runs up to the front to service the leaders as well
  • bike rental - many tours offer bicycle rentals; while expensive, this saves the hassle of carting your bike back and forth. Make sure that the rental package includes a helmet.

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