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Group tours allow the traveler to save time and often money. Tour group companies have done the research on what to see, where to stay, and where to eat. They can negotiate for better rates. Travelers are spared many of the hassles of individual arrangements. Groups offer the opportunity to meet new people. There are group tours to suit every age, budget, location, and length of vacation time.

The following should be considered when booking a group tour:
  • Can the tour company raise the price of the tour after you have booked and paid in full if their expenses increase? Is there a limit on these increases?
  • How many days do you actually get with the tour? Is the company including time at the beginning and end which usually involve traveling to a starting point?
  • Can the company change hotels and restaurants without allowing you to cancel? This may be important if you have your heart set on staying or eating in a particular place. If the company can make changes, what constitutes "comparable" substitution?
  • Can the company change the places to be visited? Again you may have your heart set on seeing a particular site -- it may be the very reason for the trip. Can you cancel if they change the itinerary?
  • What is the company's policy if you have to cancel because of an emergency? Can you get some kind of refund or rebooking?
Finally, be sure to find out if the price includes taxes, tips and beverages.
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