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It looks like a clock radio, performs like a stereo system with amazingly clear and robust sound, and is a groundbreaking marriage of both. Easy to set up and use, it's an ideal gift for someone who likes music but would prefer maximum simplicity.

We bought our first Bose Wave Radio somewhere between 6 and 8 years ago. We've since added 2 more. All 3 still play as well as when we first got them.
Bose Radio
Shopping Tips
Available with or without a built-in CD player, either model can be connected to other devices and serve as their speakers. Bose mainly sells direct, offering free shipping and a 30-day trial period. They also sell discounted reconditioned products through a network of factory stores. Several competing manufacturers have their own versions, but if you decide to go for one of these instead, be sure to research their reliability.
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Under $25
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