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Back in 1996, we received a home brewing kit. We had been reading about beer and seeking out increasingly exotic brews, and it was time we took it to the next level with hands-on experience. Initially skeptical, we were amazed when our first batch not only was drinkable but actually quite good. By our third or fourth batch, we were producing beers that would do very well versus commercial brews in taste tests.

Not only is home brewing fun with tasty results, but also giving your own beers as gifts is a great idea in itself, appreciated by many people
Home brewing kits
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Homebrew recipes make 5-gallon batches (2 cases). The classic kit includes 2 carboys for primary and secondary fermentation, a bucket for use in bottling, tubing to transfer beer between stages , and various other instruments.

Purveyors such as Mr. Beer have kits for 2.5-gallon batches. Designed for new brewers, these compact kits have fewer "moving parts" and steps in the process.
Mr. Beer
Under $25
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