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Balding -- the process of losing hair from one's head -- is a problem that affects millions of men and women.

Your choices include:

  • cosmetic - only helpful if you are suffering from hair thinning. Sprays and chemicals are used to thicken the hair and darken the scalp to give the illusion of denser hair.
  • diet, medicine, and treatment changes - some baldness is the result of what we consume or poor scalp care. Similarly, what we eat and the medicines we take can also result in temporary baldness (chemotherapy, for example). Changes in these habits can restore hair growth.
  • hair growth medicines - recent years have seen the introduction of medicines such as minoxidil (Rogaine) that can restart hair growth in some individuals.
  • hair implants - by surgically transplanting live hair follicles from other areas of your body, you can "reseed" hair growth.
  • wigs and hair pieces - natural and synthetic wigs and hair pieces can be good solutions that cover up the problem.

Finally, many choose the "all or nothing" approach, accept the fact that they are becoming bald, and follow in the footsteps of the many famous people that simply shave their heads completely.

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