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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are corrective lenses just like glasses, but they are designed to work when fit tightly against your eye instead of a half-inch or so out in front of them. Unlike a pair of glasses, contacts are generally undetectable when worn and can give you all the benefits of seeing clearly without the change to your appearance that glasses bring.

Contact lenses are of two types:

  • Rigid gas permeable lenses are permanent in the same way as glasses are. The lenses generally last at least a year, and you maintain them with regular cleaning overnight. Lately, extended wear lenses have made a comeback with a new material that allows you to wear them continuous for a week, or in some cases, a month rather than putting them in and taking them out each day.
  • Soft or disposable lenses last any where from a single day up to two weeks, with the latest improvement a version that may be worn for an entire month. As the name implies, these lenses are meant to be worn once, or comparatively fewer times, and then discarded without the muss or fuss of cleaning.

Contact lenses may also have these features:

  • advanced shapes: until recently, contact lenses had only one focal length, but now bifocal (near and far correction in the same lens) and toric lenses that correct astigmatism (an uneven focus because of variations in your cornea) are available.
  • tints: tinting the lenses is purely cosmetic and can deepen or even change your eye color.
  • UV coating: some brands add a protective element to the lens to block ultraviolet light and reduce the risk of cataracts from exposure to sunlight.

Because of the variety of prescriptions, contact lenses are generally ordered for

later pick-up or delivery, which means that buying online not only saves you a trip to the store to place your order, but also allows you to price shop among sellers of name brand lenses.

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