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There are some things that are bodies like that we have a hard time control the craving for. Fortunately, there's help.

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Ultimately, we can weigh no more than what we swallow -- the body can only retain weight from what we eat and drink, it does not manufacturer it from thin air. However, simple starvation or radical deprivation is not the answer to losing weight since the body has nutritional demands that must be met in order to remain healthy and active -- indeed, in order to remain alive.

Therefore, dieting is a matter of consciously selecting that which we eat and drink in order to minimize the unnecessary and maximize the necessary and advantageous intake. This section on dieting is designed to help you learn more about your options for doing so.

It bears repeating that diet alone is not the solution. To be healthy and fit, a person must also exercise, so we encourage you to look for well rounded programs that include and complement exercise. As with any health-related undertaking, we also encourage you to see your doctor before beginning.

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