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Exercise Equipment

When it comes to exercise equipment, everyone thinks they have invented a better mousetrap. Here are some thoughts to consider before buying:

  • Does the equipment tone up muscles, bulk up muscles, or both? If you want to flatten your tummy, look for toning equipment. If you want bulging biceps, think bulk. Check how the equipment can be used as many can do both if used in different ways.
  • What muscles or muscle groups does the equipment work on? No sense buying an ab machine if your problem is your biceps.
  • How does the equipment store away and is it convenient to set up? In all likelihood, you're not going to use the equipment if it takes a lot of work to start your work out.
  • How durable is it?
  • How safe is it to use?
  • Does the equipment require any special training to use and what instruction guides (videos, etc) are included?

Educate yourself before you buy and you will be a happier, more frequent user of what you buy.

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