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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where our bodies are threatened. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from attacks by others and by forces of nature such as fire.

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Escape Hoods

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Escape hoods are coverings for the head that provide breathable air in an emergency so that the wearer has time to evacuate the danger area before being overcome. Escape hoods do not provide protection against fire, sustained contact with chemicals, or other hazards.

There are two main types of escapes hoods:

  • smoke hoods - designed to provide breathable air in a fire
  • chemical / biological / nuclear hoods - designed to provide breathable air in an environment contaminated by one of these agents.

When considering an escape hood, consider the following:

  • type of hood - the most common and potentially useful time is a smoke hood, as many more people die from smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation than from chemical, biological, and nuclear incidents, which are generally confined to industrial settings. That said, some people prefer the more sophisticated chemical / biological / nuclear hoods as a precaution against terrorism acts.
  • size - consider both the package size and the use size. For in home use, larger packages are acceptable because the hoods will generally be stored in bedrooms and other sleeping locations. If you anticipate carrying the hood with you, look for a small package; otherwise, you will be less likely to haul it with you and have it with you when you need it. As for the use size, most hoods are "one size fits all" except for infants and small children. If buying a mask for an infant or small child, inquire about its suitability.
  • eye protection - while hoods cover the entire head, whole face masks, and mouth/nose masks are also available.
  • amount of breathable air - look for a mask that provides at least ten minutes of air, particularly if you intend to use the mask away from home where evacuation routes may be lengthy. While most smoke hoods use a filter to draw air from the surrounding area,
    high-end models provide an oxygen supply in case all of the available oxygen has been consumed by the fire.
  • cost - escape hoods range in cost from surprisingly affordable to expensive, which makes for most people the decision to buy a smoke hood an easy one.
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