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Eyeglasses have been an accepted way to correct vision for hundreds of years. Today, despite advances in contact lenses, eyeglasses remain a popular choice because they can correct more vision problems, are easier to use and maintain than contact lenses, and they are often considered a fashion accessory.

When shopping for eyeglasses, here are some tips:

  • Frames - your choice of frames is mainly in material (metal or plastic), type (rimless, partial rim, and full rim), and style. Like anything else fashion related, name brand frames can be very expensive, where as generic frames are more reasonably priced. A comfortable fit requires that the nose bridge width and the ear piece length be appropriate to your face and the frames hold the lenses appropriate to the location of your eyes, so be sure the frame size you pick meets these requirements. Most minor adjustments can be made to most frame styles by you or your eye care professional.
  • Lenses - in addition to being the right prescription for your eyes, lenses can be made with additional features:
    • tinting - a light coloring, mainly for fashion reasons
    • glare reducing - to help with night driving
    • UV coated - to provide extra protection when outdoors
    • sunglass tint - when used exclusively outdoors in bright sun, this gives the advantage of both sunglasses and prescription lenses.
    • photo sensitive - these lenses automatically darken in bright light to enable one pair of glasses to be for both regular and sun wear; the downsides are the transition time when you go from a bright area to a a dark area and the fact that they may darken because of ambient light rather than the brightness of what you are viewing.
    Plastic lenses are lighter than glass but are more easily scratched and harder to care for. If you choose plastic, consider a scratch resistant coating.

If you already have frames that you like but your eye prescription has changed, you can usually replace just the lenses and keep using your current frames.

See also: sunglasses.

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