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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where our bodies are threatened. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from attacks by others and by forces of nature such as fire.

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Fire Extinguishers

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Every home, office, and other building should have one or more portable fire extinguishers for putting out small fires before they become devastating. It is a good practice to have a fire extinguisher (of the right type) readily available to any area where a fire could easily start such as the kitchen, garage, workshop or a room with supplemental heaters.

When buying a fire extinguisher look for:

  • approval by an independent testing lab such as UL
  • suitability for the kind of fire you are likely to have:
    • Class A extinguishers are for fires from everyday combustible materials like wood, cloth, paper and many types of plastic
    • Class B extinguishers are for fires from flammable liquids like grease, paints, gasoline and oil
    • Class C extinguishers are for electrical fires from wires, appliances, and fuse boxes
    • Class D extinguishers are for fires from flammable metals and are not usually recommended for non-professional users
    • Multi-class extinguishers are combinations of A, B and C classes and are used for all-purpose extinguishers
  • sufficiently high rating number for the area likely to be on fire:
    • Class A and B ratings indicate how much extinguishing material is in the bottle and what amount of fire area it will extinguish
    • Class C has no rating
    • The higher the rating usually indicates the larger and heavier the fire extinguisher will be

Finally, make sure everyone is familiar with the manufacturer's instructions on how to use the extinguisher so that they do not waste precious time and capacity in an emergency.

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