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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where our bodies are threatened. Here are some ideas on how to protect yourself from attacks by others and by forces of nature such as fire.

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First Aid Kits

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The purpose (and thus the contents) of a first aid kit are generally governed by who has access to it and thus who will use it. While most people are not trained to handle emergencies beyond simple cuts and scrapes, they do understand that stopping bleeding and preventing infection of wounds is important and easy to do. At the other extreme, industrial first aid kits should contain a wide variety of tools and supplies for the first responder.

The most important things to consider when buying a First Aid Kit are:
  • Who will have access to it and use it - is it for family members, the general public, or trained first responders.
  • What it will be used for - treating minor scrapes and cuts, or intervening in true emergencies like drowning or cardiac arrest.
Home Kits

First aid kits for the home tend to have lots of bandages and first aid creme. They are typically kept under the bathroom sink or in a linen closet, are usable by older children and adults, and can come in a plastic or metal case. Look to spend under $30 for such a kit. A small plastic version of a home kit is good for automotive use, too. You might consider augmenting the home and auto kits with cleansing antibiotic wipes. Stay away from liquid-based products that would not survive the temperature extremes of a car.

School, Office, and Church Kits

These kits are similar to home kits (containing mostly basic items like bandages, perhaps scissors and rolls of gauze) but are larger and may be mounted on a wall in a public place. Look for a sturdy wall-mounted kit that is clearly marked (typically with a large red cross.)

Industrial Kits

Plants and factories typically invest in the training of a medical response team. These teams are trained at the Advanced First Aid level or beyond, and can utilize more items in a first aid kit than the public. These industrial kits must adhere to OHSA regulations, and will be well-stocked and mounted on the wall.
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