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The four elements of Body Care are:


Flossing uses a waxed string to scrape the areas between your teeth. Brushing doesn't reach this area, and plaque, which begins as a sticky substance, hardens overtime and can lead to cavities.

When choosing floss, you have three choices:

  • waxed and unwaxed coating of the string. The wax may make it easier to slide the string if your teeth are pressed tightly together
  • the string. Floss can be thin and round like a thread (single or multiple strands) to flat like a miniature ribbon. The ribbon (wide) floss may be easier to hold and less likely to get caught on bridgework. Strength is the key, so choose the style that works best for you.
  • flavored and unflavored. No medical difference, but if the taste encourages you to floss regularly, then choose it.

If you have difficulty holding the floss, you can use a floss holder. These inexpensive tools enable you to floss with a single hand.

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