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Gray Hair

Gray hair is traditionally thought of as making a middle aged man look "distinguished." However, there is no escaping the traditional association that gray hair in men and women makes them look old. Consequently, in our youth oriented culture, many people are alarmed at the outset of gray and seek to treat it.

The three most common approaches are:

  • coloring - many different dyes and rinses are available to color the gray. However, chose smartly as there is some concern about dyes containing lead (FDA currently says the low level of lead is safe).
  • diet - a poor diet can lead to early graying. Be sure to consume the recommended amount of vitamin B12, one of the vitamins whose deficiency has been linked to premature gray hair.
  • trimming - if the crop of gray isn't large,

    there's always the tried and true method of simply removing the few offending strands (clipping is preferred to pulling since pulling may damage the root and you may eventually prefer to have gray over no hair at all)

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