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Gyms & Health Clubs

It's estimated that one out of every five to ten people belong to a gym or health club. If you are not already a member or are looking to change your membership, here are some suggestions.

First, understand your personal objective. Do you want to join a gym or health club for exercise or for social reasons? Be honest in your answer and you will be happier with your choice. Some people are looking for traditional "gyms" -- places that emphasize the equipment and work out over the environment. Others are looking for a "health club" that offers group exercise classes, juice bars, personal trainers, and plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle with others.

Secondly, compare rates. One of the best times to join is during the summer when membership rates are traditionally the lowest (most people prefer to be outdoors during the summer).

Finally, see what free trials are available and then take advantage of them. Go to several and compare the experiences before picking the winner.
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