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Jump Ropes

>One of the least expensive pieces of exercise equipment is the jump rope. Used for training by boxers, karate masters, and exercise enthusiasts around the world, a jump rope can help you burn calories, develop better coordination, and give you general cardio-vascular conditioning.

Jump ropes are available in a wide range of materials: vinyl cord, cotton or cloth rope, leather, and more. Their composition influences the amount of "bounce" the rope has each time it strikes the floor. Most come with plastic or wood handles, which should allow the rope to twist without having to turn the handles.

Ropes come in varying lengths. For a single jumper, pick a rope between seven and eleven feet, depending on the height of the jumper. The rope should be long enough to touch the floor but not to drag along it when in use.

If you are looking for ropes for performances,

consider the "beaded" models -- ropes that have plastic beads that make a clicking sound when they strike the floor. Not only are these ropes more visible, but they are heavier, which makes for smoother looking arcs.
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