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Lip Plumpers

Many women would love to have the full sensuous lips that so many movie stars and celebrities seem to have. Unfortunately, as people grow older, their lips tend to get thinner, and fine lines around the mouth begin to develop. Collagen treatments can help reduce this, but they are painful and expensive. Cosmetic companies have recently introduced over the counter lip plumpers that are inexpensive and easy to apply. These products promise to enhance the lipsí fullness by making them look plumper, thicker and softer. They do this by temporarily drawing extra moisture from the body to the lip area. Lip plumpers also claim to help reduce the fine lines around the mouth. Both these effects should make the user look younger and healthier.

If you are thinking of buying a lip plumper, consider the following:

  • Most lip plumpers require a gentle massaging of the lips after they have been applied, but some require more time than others. Some brands use a lip lining pencil or base coat of one type, followed by a top coat that applies some color. Make sure you want to regularly spend the time necessary to properly apply the brand you chose.
  • Lip plumpers that are creamier in texture can add moisture to dry lips, making them appear softer even if they donít produce dramatically fuller lips. Some thicker, stickier consistencies can be unpleasant to wear.
  • Most lip plumper products will make the lips tingle for some time after they have been applied, but this sensation is neither unpleasant nor unsafe.

Lip plumpers will only work for a short time after they are applied -- at the most, they will work for several hours. You may need to experiment with various brands before finding one that is most effective for you.

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