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Low Carb Diets

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A cheeseburger for lunch: has there ever been a diet better suited to the American psyche? The latest diet fad to sweep the country (and the supermarket shelves) is the "low carb" diet, and with permission for its followers to indulge in the kind of delectable foods that other diets shun as unhealthy, it is hard to find anyone not on it.

Basically, the thinking is that carbohydrates are bad for dieting, so they need to be greatly restricted from our diet. Out goes bread and sugar, in comes red meat. Followers eventually do get to go back to carbohydrates but only after they have reached their target weight and only in quantities that do not cause them to put the weight back on. Click here to learn more.

As with any diet, there is a storm of controversy and a flurry of studies, some in favor, so not. So should you try a low carb diet? Always check with your doctor before starting any diet, but our advice is, like with any diet, there is probably a degree of truth in it: reducing carbohydrate intake cannot by itself be bad; we just believe that you need to proceed in moderation with the food and nutritional sources you pick to replace them.

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