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When you want the benefits of a massage in the comfort of your own home but don't want a personal masseur, consider one of the many available massaging devices to alleviate your sore muscles and tired body. Massage units can be categorized by how they work: using vibration or percussion

Vibrating massage units come in many forms:

  • Mats with headrests, multiple zone controls to select all or specific areas to be massaged, a variety of massage intensity levels and optional heat if you want warmth during an all body massage.
  • Chair pads with the above features plus programmable massage settings for a tailored massage program for full, lower or upper back massages. An auto adapter lets you use the pad in your car as you travel.
  • Contoured neck pillows that provide heat and massage for neck massages.
  • Others, such as heated massaging slippers, a massaging ottoman that treats your feet and legs, and a footbath that massages and has pedicure attachments to revive tired feet.

Percussion massagers are hand held devices, often in a wand-like shape, to be used on specific body areas. When buying a percussion massager, look for a variety of interchangeable headsets for massaging different body areas, variable speed controls, and heating options.

While using your massage unit, consider using relaxation therapy products that give soothing aromas, music, sounds, or light to complement your experience.

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