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The dream of everyone in need of losing a few pounds: a pill to pop or a patch to attach that will magically make those flabby pounds disappear overnight and without effort. Catering to that dream is big business, and hundreds of companies offer products that suggest (if not outright promise) that they are that miracle.

Recent publicity about the serious side effects of some weight loss remedies (for example, those containing Ephedrine) have raised awareness that some chemicals can be quite harmful. Nutritional supplements, a category of drugs that includes many diet drugs, are in a loosely regulated area that does not receive the same level of scrutiny as medicines. Just because a product is "natural" or "herbal" does not make it good. Indeed, that is a lot of "natural" mold and mildew growing around, but we know better than to start chomping on that unless we'd like to see the inside of an emergency room.

So, to pervert a common expression, pick your poison wisely. Understand what active ingredients a pill or patch (which is just a different way for dispensing a drug) contains.

Understand how they work (do they suppress hunger? do they increase the body's burn rate?) and if in doubt, talk with your doctor. And remember, the least expensive and best performing solution for weight control is the truly natural mix of sensible eating and moderate exercise.

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