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From time to time -- whether from fatigue, stress, illiness, or aging, our body uses to pain to signal us that it is having probems.

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Sunburn, the painful reddening of the skin (and if severe, blistering), comes from exposure to more ultraviolet rays than the skin can endure. In addition to any immediate problems, sunburn can lead to increased chances of skin cancer later in life.

Prevention is the best cure -- use light clothing, hats, etc., as well as sunscreen or sunblock to prevent overexposure. Also, a good sun tan can increase your resistance to sunburn.

Treatment depends on the severity. Severe sunburn, like any other kind of burn, should be treated by a medical professional. Milder cases can be treated with lotions, particularly those containing aloe and/or hydrocortisone, and aspirin to relieve the swelling and soreness. Cool (not cold) water can also provide some immediate relief, but be careful not to dry out the skin, which can cause more damage and pain. Do NOT, under any circumstances, apply any oil based substance (butter, petroleum gel, etc.), as you want the injured area to be able to 'breathe.'

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