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Swollen Ankles

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Swollen ankles can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Ankles swell because of fluid retention, so if you suffer frequently from this condition, you may want to investigate both its cause (to rule out a serious circulatory or other problem) and a remedy.

An ounce of prevention can help many people who suffer from swollen ankles. If you find your ankles periodically swelling, try keeping a diary and recording the things you eat and activities you do; once you find your feet swelling, see if you can correlate it to any of the recent entries in your diary. For example, high salt and high carbohydrate diets can cause swelling, so look to see what you had been eating prior to the episode. Similarly, medication or allergies may cause the swelling, so track what you take and when you take it.

We have all heard about the need to buy shoes later rather than earlier in the day. That is because a lot of standing causes fluid to settle in our feet and ankles, so shoes bought in the morning may not fit by the end of the day. For the same reason, swollen ankles can be triggered by a lot standing; consequently, try to sit frequently in a comfortable position with your legs raised above your heart. Walking is another alternative, as the exercise increases your circulation.

If you must stand a lot, investigate buying compression socks or stockings to offset the effects of gravity. These are specially designed hosiery that provided increasing pressure on your legs as they approach the ankle to discourage the pooling of fluids.

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